Photo by Larry Price

actor, writer, filmmaker, athlete

The only Los Angeles based Native American columnist covering Indian Hollywood for Indian country and the creator/author of the wildly popular and award winning, GLITTER REPORT; NEWS FROM TRIBE HOLLYWOOD, Natalie's readership crests 500,000. She is published regularly in COWBOYS AND INDIANS, NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY, THE CIRCLE, NATIVE PEOPLES, and many other tribal journals, newspapers and magazines.

Her feature length documentary film, THE FOUR DIRECTIONS IN HOLLYWOOD, recently won an Award for Creative Excellence at ABC. Her short film, NIGHT VOICES, is currently in post-production and she is in development on the project, SEQUOYAH, with Wes Studi attached to star. Natalie is the Native American Liaison on LAST STAND, in which she plays a Lakota Warrior Woman. Through her auspices both Tom Bee, President, SOUND OF AMERICA RECORDS and Robert Doyle, President, CANYON RECORDS (The Inaugural and Second Native American Grammy Award Winners, respectively) donated music to the piece (please refer to BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, publish date August 31, 2002, page 34).

She assisted Red Wagon Productions and Revolution/Columbia/Universal with their search for Tiger Lily and her tribe, for the new live-action PETER PAN, which began lensing in November 2002. She assisted FOX Studios on their American Indian Summer Institute 2002 and was a Native American Liasion to Terence Chang and John Woo on the MGM film WINDTALKERS, which was released in June 2002.

She consulted with WGBH and PBS on SKINWALKERS, with DreamWorks SKG on the release of the SPIRIT, STALLION OF THE CIMARRON DVD/Video and was instrumental in launching the new Native American Film Festival, under the auspices of Festival of Festivals, in Palm Springs.

In front of the camera she has worked opposite Adam Beach, Wes Studi, Nathaniel Arcand, William Lightning, Valerie Red-Horse, Yvonne Russo, John Woo, James Redford, James Cromwell, Marc Dacascos and more.

In the current issue of COWBOYS AND INDIANS magazine (April 2003) her Spotlight on screenplay writer, John Fusco--written from the South Dakota set of his current film, HIDALGO--is published and is available in finer book stores. Her story on DREAMKEEPER, the ABC mini-series which will air May 11 and 12, will be published in the May/June issue of NATIVE PEOPLES magazine. And she will soon travel to New Mexico and the set of Ron Howard's THE MISSING, to profile Native actor, Jay Tavare, for NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY.

An ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Natalie teaches women the spiritual connectedness and physical joy of running long. A horsewomman since childhood, she rides Western, English and bareback.

From a Choctaw chicken farm outside of Mobile, AL, Natalie attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Balliol College at Oxford University and Regent's College in London with the British American Drama Academy and Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.